Dr. Andrea Cole Raub

Mission Statement


To incorporate genomics into  

your health care. To provide personalized precision medicine. 

To change the emphasis from a disease based model to a model of enhancing wellness. 

Experience and professionalism

Dr. Andrea Cole Raub received a Navy Scholarship to pursue her medical degree  at the  New York College  of Osteopathic Medicine .

She completed a family Practice Residency at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton  and then became board certified in Family practice.

Dr Cole attended her first Anti-aging conference in 1993. She  became board certified in Anti-aging medicine and  obtained a level 4 certification in Age management Medicine.   

Functional medicine was soon incorporated into the practice as it provided insight into the clinical presentation.  The last 5 years, the focus shifted toward Genomics.  2019,  certification in genomics was completed. 

I am as passionate now as I was 35 years ago about the practice of medicine. 

An integrated genomic practice

I am committed to finding  solutions that work for you..  




Reverse Aging


About me

Poly pharmacy is not the answer.

About me

I am physician with 35 years of experience. I am board certified in Family Practice and  Anti-Aging Medicine.  Functional medicine was added in the mid 90’s.  In the fall of 2019, I completed a certification in clinical genomics. The combination of these disciplines allows me to offer precise, predictable and powerful health care that is customized for the individual patient.


Poly pharmacy is not the answer.

About me

A shift in the paradigm of practice medicine.

I am committed to changing the practice of medicine from a disease focus model to prevention and wellness. 

There are many studies evaluating the reversal of aging.   To live beyond 100 with vitality  is possible in our life time.  

What is your biological age ?  Can the bio age be reversed .  


Poly pharmacy is not the answer.

Poly pharmacy is not the answer.

Poly pharmacy is not the answer.

Taking a drug for your symptoms is not the answer. 

Finding  answers to the cause of your symptoms 

allows possible reversal of disease. 

Reversing your Bio Age through Epigenomic 

modification of genetic expression.  

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